The Business Leader and the Key Decision

Every business leader is required to make important decisions regarding long-term development

 of his company / department.  The business leader must thoroughly investigate the important decision from all possible sides before he applies it on the company / department.  Please below find four actions facilitating better decisions:

Action 1: Create two independent teamDo not  overestimate your abilities and intuition.  The two teams (if leading a department – two employees) will offer at least one point of view different from yours.  All involved in the decision, subsequently will be much more motivated to implement it.  It is extremely important to choose the most appropriate people for the case.

Action 2: Scenario “failure”

After reaching the “final” version of the decision, imagine that the important decision has failed.  Ask each team to write down 3-5 possible reasons which led to decision failure.  Thus you will get decision risks and people’s fears.
Why write down, why not just to discuss?  Because the slower the decision making process is the more participants cease to discuss the threats and risks, as no one is willing to confront the positive expectations of the group. Written comments are eternal and immutable.

Action 3: Make the final decision

Reflect in the final decision actions to be taken to prevent the threats or minimize their negative effects.  If risks are too big, decline from the current decision and start the process from the beginning.  And please do not reckon that re-start as a failure.  Failure would be a decision for which six months later you discover it was wrong.  You should rather reckon you were far-sighted.

Action 4: Run the key decision

Another important point is to determine the start date of the decision.  From one side you must have completed all necessary preparations for the successful key decision implementation.  From the other side, you must start “immediately” to use the utmost enthusiasm of the participants in the decision, and because the competition never sleeps.  By complying with the preceding two sentences, state the official starting date.

I’ve been an active participant in the implementation of:
important decisions without the necessary preparation;
key decisions which launch was repeatedly delayed;short-witted decisions with minimal chance of success;
decisions, in which success believed no one but the owner of the company…
And all of them ended the same way – failure. That experience is very demotivating.  I hope it never happens to you!  I hope you never cause it to your subordinates!

Decision making is like the leadership – no one has learned it only by reading books.  On the other hand, a complete waste of time and results is the reinventing of hot water and the wheel by us, provided they are described in many books.  As the late Peter Drucker says: “The manager (business leader) should do the right things … And it is not enough to make things right.”  For the true leader there are two right things: “swimming” and reading, reading and “swimming”.

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