Test 10. The Business Leader and the Need for Approval

The desire to obtain approval affects our decisions and actions.

The excessive need for approval leads to decisions and actions pleasing the people, whose approval we seek at the cost of the “right” decisions and actions.

Low need for approval leads to self-isolation and loneliness.

The business leader should take those decisions that lead to achieving the goal.  But at the same time, he cannot succeed without the approval of his followers.  To be successful the business leader has to have “moderate” need for approval.  Alas, as with most human qualities, “moderate” cannot be described quantitatively.

D. Marlowe and D. Crown’s test allows evaluating our desire to get approval on our actions and words from the people surrounding us.

Answer the following questions with “Yes” or “No”.

  1. I read carefully each book before returning it to the library.
  2. I feel no hesitation when it comes to helping someone in trouble.
  3. I always do my best to be nicely dressed.
  4. I behave on the table at home as I would in a restaurant.
  5. I never felt antipathy towards anybody.
  6. There have been cases when I abandoned any work because I was not confident in my abilities to do it.
  7. Sometimes I like to comment (gossip) people that are not presented.
  8. I always listen carefully to the company, whoever s/he is.
  9. There was a case where I cooked up excuses.
  10. There we cases I benefited from people’s distraction.
  11. I always admit my mistakes.
  12. Sometimes, instead of to forgive someone, I act according the principle “an eye for an eye”.
  13. There have been cases when I insisted that everything should be done my way.
  14. I do not feel reluctant when been asked to assist.
  15. I never feel irritation or annoyance when confronted with an opinion that differs from mine.
  16. Before a long trip, I always carefully consider what luggage to take with me.
  17. It has happened to envy the success and fortune of others.
  18. Sometimes I tease people who ask me for something.
  19. When people have trouble I always think that they got what they deserved.
  20. I never say bad things with a smile.

Answer key:
One point for answering “Yes” to questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 11, 14, 15, 16, 20.
One point for answering “No” to questions 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19.

The test has no right or wrong answers. If you scored between 4 and 16 points you are most likely far from the troubling extremes, in terms of need your approval.

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