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“The clever man learns from his own mistakes,
the wise one – from others' mistakes!”
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Vladislav Tzvetanov (brief CV at the end of this page)
November 2009
Life, unfortunately, is not long enough we to learn from our mistakes only. Prior starting this site I have read tens of thousands pages on the topic and continue to learn… The 18 years of real life managerial experience, during which have succeeded to apply the knowledge from the books, added additional courage to the site opening.  Previous generations managers’ wisdom supported me in difficult moments when I didn’t know which is the right path to follow, when it was very hard for me to foresee the consequences of my today’s action for the following 2-3 years…
I will be very happy if you, dear reader, find here a valuable piece of information or cognition!
I will put every effort so that new articles, case studies, tests, humour or aphorisms to be published often. But if you would like to release your editorial, I will fully support you.


Brief CV:
I was born in 1971. At the age of 10 I knew what I wanted to be - Executive Director of a company.  At age 18 accidentally visited a seminar on "Marketing and Management" and since then I'm keen on these two enormous fields of knowledge. At the age of 25 graduated as MBA the University for National and World Economy.  At 26 I had the luck to fulfill my childhood dream - was appointed to position Executive Director at "Unimasters Air " LTD.  At 41, after 18 years of business experience in the tourism industry, banking, FMCG, freight forwarding and logistics, I enrolled a Ph.D. with thesis: "Small and Medium-sized Enterprises' (up to 250 employees) Growth Management.  I believe:
  • Practice without theory is blind, theory without practice is lame;
  • A ton of theory is worth less than gram of practice (Shivananda).