Company Consulting

consultant, consulting services, business consultantThe history teaches us that the world-famous companies like General Electric, Ford Motor Company, Sony, Coca-Cola regularly use external consulting services, but small companies type "I know Everything” - never.
Knowing my strenghts and knowing consultant's strengths is a higher level of the entrepreneurial mind.

Here are several prerequisites under which there would be no benefit your company to hire an external consultant:

1. Your company has a growth rate exceeding at leastconsulting, business consulting twice the industry average.

2. Your company is the undisputed industry leader.

3. Your company has 4 to 8 innovative ideas that will secure the industry leadership for the next 2-5 years.                   Offers:
Your company follows daring stimulating great             - skills to achieving business objective which is to be achieved in the next         greater profits      10-20 years.                                                                - business processes
                                                                                  - leadership skills
In all other cases, please email me:                                 - management skills                                       - identifying the right
( today is my Modesty day ).                                        business strategy
                                                                                  - logistics process
                                                                                  - communication skills
                                                                                  - 60 sales techniques

I can be useful at three levels:
1. Top management level:
Analysis and evaluation of: your business model, company strategy, management structure, business processes, human resources, and consistency between corporate strategy - operations - human capacity. Locating bottlenecks and drawing maps for results improvement are in the focus. I work primarily with company managers and Executives in order to achieve these.
2. Management level:
Business operations and information flow improvements solutions are the main goals. Most of my job is with the company managers and employees. Finally, written well-grounded recommendations about achieving greater results are submitted to the Executives.
3. Operational level:
Results oriented improvements in the "Sales", "Customer Service", "Transport and Logistics", "Procurement Management", "Marketing Management" divisions are to be achieved. The typical analysis instruments are enriched with techniques like secret customer, focus group discussions, ad-hoc surveys, etc.  I collaborate primarily with employees and respective departments’ managers. Business recommendations are presented to department managers and the Executives.


My practical experience - 18 years in Bulgarian and multinational companies.
Divided by business sectors:
12 years in international freight forwarding and logistics;
3 years in Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry;
and the first 3 years of my business life - diversity of industries from bank clerk to helicopter tourist flight guide.

Divided by management levels:
14 years CEO or Managing Director;
2 years department manager;
2 years front line employee.
Theoretical knowledge:
University for National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria, Master Degree in "Marketing and Management", 1992-1997;
GRID Management – specialization, Vienna, Austria;
At present: preparing a Ph.D. thesis on "Growth Management of Small and Medium Size Enterprises through Internationalization" the department of "Entrepreneurship" at the University for National and World Economy.