Personal advisor, mentor, coach, business consultant

are synonyms of the man who can accelerate our development as managers
and leaders, who can support our personal growth as human beings.

personal consultant, mentor, coachShould a mentor be a Harvard graduate, Should s/he be extremely popular or smarter than the consulted person?
For example, in the world chess championship the strongest two chess players on the planet challenge each other.  Each of them has a team of advisors, usually 3 to 6 grandmasters, from the top 25 chess players in the world ranking.  The advisors, of course, are weaker players than the pretenders, but each has a different view on the game.  The two challengers need just the different point of view of these professionals.  With their help the pretenders reevaluate their assessments of a given position and improve their ideas.

Just like the chess advisers who are professionals we would like our mentor, whom we should use for individual business consultations to be wise, educated, with at least 10 years of professional experience.  The external business consultant has one huge advantage over us - he is not emotionally tied to our personality or job environment.  Therefore, his view of the situation is likely to be different and more objective.

A question arises: Should we get emotionally committed to our work?

Clearly, the emotional commitment, the passion to work makes it difficult to be objective, which in turn leads to a greater number of inaccurate or erroneous decisions, and finally - to lower results.  Our answer to the above question is definitely YES.  Yes, in order to be successful in what we do we should be devoted, we should work with passion, with all our energy and positive emotion.  Every coin has two sides. Passion is very needful in our daily actions and behavior.  It energizes the teammates, inspires, induces labor feats (although it sounds pompous it is true).  To fight the negative effects of the passion, when we face major decisions, cardinal changes or momentary uncertainty we use personal advisor, mentor, business consultant... Thus we get both: inspiring passion and impartial analysis.


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