Business Leaders’ 4 Keys to Successful Transformation

Key customers’ needs develop over time and any successful business leader has no other choice but to adapt and execute adequate transformational change in the company.   With the exception of the transformation generators (usually the top management) people will resist the change which makes the transformation process harder. What

Men and Women Business Leaders – Research

A study by Development Dimensions International, 2014 argues that there is no significant difference between men and women business leaders in terms of their leadership skills. But, nevertheless, women leaders are underrepresented at the C-level management. What are the “objective reasons” for that?One of the few differences between genders is

10 Eternal Principles of the Business Leader

Every business leader, whether great one or beginner, needs fundamental “eternal” principles to guide him through the unpredictable market environment in making the right decisions. The following 10 basic business principles are summarized by an unknown author and taught at the University of National and World Economy: 1. Customer is God! 2. Honesty is law! 3.

Test 11. Managerial Leadership Skills

Almost everyone from the Academy for leaders visitors is striving to manage a business company (whether as Owner  of a business enterprise or as a CEO on payroll).  Often there is a lack of neutral and objective information on which business leadership and management skills one has already mastered, which require tuning and which

The Business Leader and the Four Employee Types

At the end of 2013 I was invited by Mobiltel to attend a seminar. The lecturer – Nick Labridis, from the City College, Sheffield, England – was a man with extensive experience in telecommunications. At the seminar he presented interesting employees classification. Based on two criteria: effectiveness and business development; four types