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Leadership Skills (10ofX) – Approach Constructiveness

December, 1999, it is cold, winter winds are spinning the snow…, but it is warm in the office and almost cozy:“I will need a list of names and addresses of our customers by tomorrow to decide which Christmas souvenirs to whom to be sent”, said the CEO to his manager.“OK,
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The Business Leader and the Tertiary Education

Accidentally I was invited to the international conference: European Entrepreneurship in the Globalizing Economy: Preparation of New Generation of Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.1. The problem I had the incredible luck to discuss the problem of the growing gap between practice and theory taught in business schools,  with scientists like Professor
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Leadership Skills (11ofX) – Paying Respect to Team Members

The great business leader supports the growth of each member of her/his team.  To respect an employee is necessary but not sufficient condition in the relation employee-manager.  It is mandatory the leader to demonstrate that respect!  One of my mistakes in my 17-years-old practice, was that I didn’t demonstrate the respect I
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Startup Entrepreneurial Management in Practice.

What is startup entrepreneurial management? Once a company enjoys the first signs of success, the founder-entrepreneur needs to raise the question “Where is my place?” and to consider it thoroughly. That’s exactly what did Soichiro Honda, the founder of “Honda Motor Company” after the defeat of Japan in World War II.
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7 Steps to Success of Maddy Sharma

Ms. Maddy Sharma – female entrepreneur with a very difficult life – achieved remarkable business success, shared her seven steps to success on 08.10.2014, in Sofia, Bulgaria. The astonishing spirit of Maddy Sharma Prior describing Maddy’s first step of success I would like to retell what she shared with us about her very