Leadership Skills (11ofX) – Paying Respect to Team Members

The great business leader supports the growth of each member of her/his team.  To respect an employee is necessary but not sufficient condition in the relation employee-manager.  It is mandatory the leader to demonstrate that respect!  One of my mistakes in my 17-years-old practice, was that I didn’t demonstrate the respect I felt towards my subordinates to the proper extend.  As a result they only knew I respect them – but did not feel it…

With an young manager, whom I am delighted to assist in mastering his leadership skills, we had the following conversation:

Manager:  Leadership skills are many and heterogeneous.  Every company and every situation requires different skills – there are no universal leadership skills… From which skills should I start?

Mentor:  Business leaders lead people in the name of achieving goal, performance.  If team members are of high quality – capable and dedicated to their work – the leader and her/his team will have the potential to achieve top results.  Therefore, to improve the likelihood of achieving significant business results, the manager should start with team members’ personal and professional growth.

Manager:  Sounds logical, but rather general. What specifically would you recommend?

Mentor:Start from demonstrating genuine interest in people!

For example, during lunch breaks, instead of having lunch alone, switch off the phone and go to lunch with a team member.  Show sincere and tactful interest in his personality, hobbies, what motivates her/him, which are her/his goals in work and in life.  After lunch, but before you start to work, sit down and concentrate on how you can help her/him to achieve one of her/his goals.  Pick a goal that would have a direct or indirect positive effect on her/his job performance.  Plan the date when you will execute your first activity.  Of course – you must execute that planned activity!  And don’t forget to comment, in proper time, your activity outcome with the employee!

Manager:  So get RIG-PAC.

Mentor:  What’s that?

Manager:  RIG-PAC as an acronym for:
Respest and demonstrate
Interest in people and
Goals they have.
Activities and
Comment them!
Suspect that will work, because we all want the boss to care about us, we want recognition for our efforts, recognition of our role in the team even recognition that we work for this company… May be it is better to say we all want to feel we are important, significant.

Mentor:  You’re absolutely right!  And, as any process 

connected with people, RIG-PAC should be a process, a spiral – I mean, the process steps are the same, but the leader should gradually build deeper mutual trust and respect... After some time you lunch again with that person and repeat the process step by step.  When you support your team members’ growth, they will support and respect you for years.  Good provokes good, both for you and for the company

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