How to be Better Business Leaders

Being a business leader is hard.  Being a leader of business leaders is even harder.

How to be better leader?

The most important qualities of leaders are closely related to their personality.  But there is a set of techniques that enables leaders to be better business leaders.  Some of these techniques are listed below.

 Note those you have already mastered – enjoy your skills! Before you are puffed up, choose a technique that you feel you need to improve and begin to develop it! 

There is no need to tell you that there are few leaders who skillfully apply even 5 of the techniques – most of them are busy, overloaded and often do not have the time to grow themselves.  And in several years they get surprised by a “rookie” who gets the promotion on their account.  But you are the better type – you are looking for, read, practice, and will not let the “rookie” outrun you.
Techniques for better business leadership:

  • Always and publicly attribute the success to the team!

  • Sincere praise is immediately personally delivered to the employee!
  • Between the hammer and the nail: I’m my team’s lawyer to superiors, and superiors’ lawyer to the team!
  • Pay respect to the team!

  • When the situation allows, let people get to the “right” solution, rather than telling them what to do!

  • When feeling a conflict is growing – intervene immediately!

  • Be principled and consistent in words and deeds – do not allow “double standard”!

  • Actively listen to your team ideas – several heads think better than one!

  • Allow people take initiative and responsibility!

  • Do not procrastinate taking a tough decision!

  • Never criticize the person (if reprimand is needed check here)!

  • Do not show uncertainty and insecurity – people rely on their leader (if advice is needed – ask a friend, mentor or consultant)!

  • Find time for people (define “regular” meeting hours and stick to them – great leaders’ goal is team growth)!

  • Take care about the team spirit – encourage teamwork and prevent individual interests spoil it.

  • Таке responsibility for team mistakes in front of superiors (I have assigned the task to the wrong person or I wasn’t insistent on requesting his removal, etc.)!

The list could be much longer if you send useful techniques …

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