Generating Ideas – Approaches, Techniques and Talents

Good ideas have this feature: when we need them most – they are nowhere to be found.

The approaches to generate new ideasareinternal and external. The internal ideas come from people in our business environment: colleagues and employees. The internal approach has the advantage that it provides very pragmatic and realistic ideas. These ideas are usually evolutionary.

The external approaches are associated with people, partly related to our business as suppliers, customers, industry organizations and others or with people outside our business. For realization of an external approach we need much more time. The external ideas are more revolutionary than internal, more difficult to digest (due to routine and stereotypes of the beneficiary), require more resources – managerial, financial, human.

The choice of external, internal, or combined approach is an equation with many variables such as quality and quantity of human resources of the company, number and reliability of our contacts with external generators of ideas, financial resources, need a new idea, depending on the success of the new company idea of ??time limits, etc.

After selecting the approach techniques for generating new ideas are to be applied:
• Focus group discussions

• Focus group interviews
• Brainstorming
• Grid method
• Ideal situation method
• Others’ experience study
• Statistics analysis
• Best ideas awards
• And many more …, please excuse me for not describing all existing techniques! The reason for this is that there is no best technique.  Different folks like different techniques.

A key factor in the effectiveness of the techniques is the selection of people who will use them and the overall group skills. Generators of good ideas are a rare kind of people. These people know how relatively accurately to predict what will happen in the future H if we start today activities A + B + C. When you encounter such a talent, please take care to enter it in the “green” notebook – the one with a list of people who have the potential to help your success.

There is no doubt that the ability of leaders to generate ideas is essential to achieve new and greater successes. How to evaluate that leadership skill without working with that man for an year or so, I have no clue. I am convinced that tests and interviews do not provide a reliable answer to this question. After a year of working together it is very easy to judge whether the other is able to generate new ideas, but the cost of 365 days is too high.

In your previous experience, how often are offered in writing a new idea?
Were your ideas revolutionary or evolutionary?
How many names does your “green” notebook contain?

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