Innovations at Small and at Big Companies

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17 Oct

Innovations and improvements are an integral part of successful companies’ life.

At small companies innovations are implemented almost daily.  They inspire the team members; create positive energy and sense of satisfaction.
As the companies grow, corporate structures become much more complicated.  The information flow is extended.  Often the information received is modified and incomplete. innovations, small companies, big companies, managersAs a result, the decisions based on this information are inadequate and late.  In zoology there is a postulate that successfully describes the extent of complexity increase in the growing organization: "When the surface of an organism is increased twice, the weight is tripled".   The world of economy is "slightly" more precise,  due to   Greykunas’ formulae  -   k(2k-1 k-1), where k is employees number (with six employees we get 222 links; eight            fig.1. unclear message           employees -1080 links).
Big companies have more resources and in theory they have more opportunities for innovation.  But they are clumsier, burdened by the heaviness of their structures.  Innovations are no longer natural integral part of their growth, they are rather pain in the heel.
As managers we have to create autonomous departments within the company, with authority to implement innovations!
As individuals we must choose jobs that encourage creativity and innovation!



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