Reflections on Business (work)

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23 Sep

I have often heard that the manager must be able to balance life and work.  I've listen to theories about how correct it is at the end of the workday to "cut off" all working problems ... And if I recall correctly the men that shared these ideas were neither happy nor confident; neither smiling nor shining.  Something about their theories was troubling them.

Isn’t our life the sum off all our activities?  How is it possible to "turn off" parts of ourselves? And even if possible, could that make us happy?
I guess that main reason for such "theories" is the frustration that many people suffer from their present work.  And in order to justify to themselves why they work a job, that does not make them “happy”, they begin to create "philosophies" that at the end of the day still does not solve their problem with feeling unhappy.
Business is a creative activity. You start as sculptors do - you have thousands of ideas, but you have to choose only one. manager, business This is the first problem – which idea to devote to? Because this choice will affect your future life.  Then they choose material, color, etc. There is no manual providing the best choice results.  Colleagues, suppliers and customers - all are unique, and all require special treatment - not prelearned impersonal phrases.  Like any creative activity, the business is full of difficult decisions which outcome is not known in advance.  Businesses requires to do your job better, while increasing company profits.
The most important at your business is what you create, whether it works and whether you are proud of it.
The business must enrich and reward you, otherwise it does not worth dealing with.
Can anyone be happy without devoting himself to activities that fascinate him and enrich his life?


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