When a Business Leader Encounters Talent

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19 Sep

It is rather rare to encounter dedicated, energetic people with similar value systems. Building a team that shares similar views is of every leader’s dream.

I was very impressed by the following events in the life of two legendary business leaders: Jack Welch and Richard Branson.

During a holiday Jack Welch met Larry Bossidy.  Besides that they liked each other, both were playing table tennis.  Jack never forgot that the last holiday day, when they were almost late for a flight, Larry continued to play tennis very eagerly, with an enormous desire to win ... And Welch offered Bossidi job at General Electric...  Over the years, the latter rose to the post of vice president.  Subsequently Larry Bossidy became chairman and CEO of Allied Signal, and after the merge with Honeywell, chairman of Honeywell.
The more talented the man we employ is, the more likely is s/he to be bought by the competition.  But isn’t it better to work a few years with the best than to work with mediocre forever?

Richard Branson hired Gordon McCallum as a business consultantHe liked him and his professionalism.  And, one day Richard offered McCallum to come to his house for a job interview.  It happened that the night before Branson had had much fun, so much fun that at 9 am when McCallum arrived he was still in bed.  Richard invited McCallum straight into the bedroom, wrapped in a sheet Branson told him:
- I suggest you work for Virgin Group.
Although shocked by the ridiculous and improper atmosphere Gordon Makkalam, in typically British manner, remained calm and asked:
- At what position?
- What position would you like, Gordon?
- I want to develop the Virgin brand strategy worldwide.
- How do you want to title your position?
- Director global strategy.
- OK, from now on you are Virgin Group Director global strategy.
They agreed on the salary and Gordon was hired.

Two shining examples of how to proceed when a business leader encounters a talent, possessing the desired views and values, especially if the business leader truly believe that WHO precedes What.



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