What Company Spirit Is

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18 Aug

Based on Peter Drucker's book The Practice of Management.

The following two sentences summarize the answer to the question: "What company spirit is ?":

  • Capabilities are important, not the incapability (disabled people organization slogan)!

  • Here rests a man who knew how to hire better than himslef people (inscription on the tombstone of mr Andrew Carnegie - founder of Carnegie Steel Company).

Management by objectives tells the manager what to do. Proper workflow organization allows him to do so. But the spirit of the company determines whether the manager will execute his job. The company spirit mobilizes human energy and devotion, the spirit determines whether a person will invest the best of himself, or put only minimum efforts


Money and career have obsessed us to such an extent that we work for years for companies whose spirit not only does not motivate us, but on the contrary - slowly kills our humanity. We are trying to hide from ourselves that we have sold our souls for money and authority ...

According to Lord Beveridge, the purpose of an organization is to encourage ordinary people to perform extraordinary things. Geniuses are rare, so in general no company can rely to hire them. To succeed the company must get people to surpass themselves, to disclose and utilizeemployees’ strengths and to compel staff to work more and better. The company must be able to neutralize the weaknesses of team members.

leadership, management, company spiritGood company spirit focuses on man’s strengths, on what one is able to do, but never on one’s weaknesses. This requires continuous improvement of activities and competence of all the staff, yesterday’s top performance must be our today’sminimum.

The good spirit is not "people to like each other”. The good spirit lies in implementation, not in conformism. Good human relations in the company, which are not based on satisfaction of a well done job actually lower the corporate spirit. Such relationsdo not encourage people to develop and grow, but cause them to shrink, adjust, to become conformists.

The good spirit means the company to generate more energy than the sum of all efforts involved. Means to create positive energy. That is only possible in the moral sphere. Thus the company has to create the appropriate managerial spirit that focuses on honesty, fairness and high moral standards of conduct.



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