Business Case Study 9. Anonymous Letter

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01 Jul


anonymous letter, business case study, director, manager, business caseYou are Manager of a small team of 10 colleagues.  During the past nine months the results of the department were not good and there are no bonuses for anyone.  Two weeks ago you received an anonymous letter stating that one of your best employees, pigheaded, but achieving high results and an excellent team-player – Mr. Mlad Salty - has arranged a business trip to a 500 miles distance town, to attend court proceedings against the local municipal administration.  Local newspaper describing how Mr Salty is probably going to win the case was enclosed in the letter.  You established that Mlad was indeed on a business trip on that date. Angry that even your best employees had begun to abuse the company resources for personal gain, you prepared a written reprimand for Mr. Salty as per The Labour Law.  As the HR Director was absent you left the written reprimand in his cabinet.  The next morning you found it on your desk, duly signed by the HR Director.  You immediately called a team meeting and announced the reprimand.  Mr. Mlad Salty did not say a word...
Days later several team members provide you stats about the quantity of job done by Mr. Salty during his duty trip.  To do the job Mlad needed around 7 work hours and obviously he didn’t have time to go to the court room.  In addition the team members say they have just spoken to Salty’s lawyer who confirmed that he has full authorization and represents his client without the latter presence in court.  You understand you have done a mistake and that the information in the anonymous letter is incorrect…

What actions should be taken and by whom?

Ii is strongly recommended to sketch your answer on a piece of paper, now, at this very moment. Interpretations of the specialists are to be found in comment #1, just below this article.




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