The Business Leader Types

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27 Jun

There are different types of business leadership: authoritarian and democratic, people-oriented and result-oriented, successful and unsuccessful, loved and hated, etc.  An interesting classification is presented in scheme 1. Leadership Hierarchy Levels (from Jim Collins’ book - "Good to Great").

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Level 1.  Gifted Individual

With her/his exemplary work habits, knowledge, skills and talent pulls forward and up the department.

Level 2.  Dedicated Team Member

Works effectively in a team, harness all her/his capabilities to achieve the common goal.


Level 3.  Competent Manager

Cleverly organizes all human, tangible and intangible resources for achieving pre-defined goals.

Level 4.  Effective
Business Leader

Defines clear and challenging vision. Catalyses in people strong desire and dedication to achieve it through promoting high standards of staff performance.

Level 5. 
Business Leader Level Five

Business Leader level Five builds continued company progress through a paradoxical mixture of personal humility and professional iron will.  Level Five business leaders suppress the desires and needs of their ego by focusing her/his efforts on the major purpose – building of a great company.  Level Five business leaders are incredibly ambitious people, but they direct that ambition to company interests only (not for personal gains).  Business leaders level Five are simple, but highly volitional (they are determined to do whatever is necessary);  modest but fearless; they train deputies and do not hesitate to ascribe to them all the merits.  Business leaders level Five exhibit fanatical desire to achieve results.  They do not tolerate mediocrity in any form and does not show any tolerance for those professing the idea that things are good enough as they are now.  If successful Five level business leaders look for success reasons outside themselves.  If unsuccessful they look in the mirror and take full responsibility.


Jim Collins answers the question: "Can a man develop the qualities of the Five level business leader ?"  as follows:
"My hypothesis is that there are two kinds of people: in some lies the seed of the Five level business leader, in others - not.
Those, who do not have that seed, cannot subdue their personal selfish needs to the ambition to help building something far greater and more lasting than themselves.  For this type of people the meaning of work is mostly in what they get through it - fame, wealth, admiration, power, etc. – but never in their contribution to building, creating of something meaningful.
The other type of people - I personally suspect is the larger category - conceal the potential to evolve to business leaders level Five; they possess the necessary capabilities, which may be unconscious or repressed, but they exist.  And under appropriate circumstances – self-knowledge, deliberate personal development, a mentor, a good teacher, a loving and attentive parents, working with level Five business leader, as a result of any meaningful experience for them or under the influence of any combination of other factors - they begin to evolve ...
Even we, the people of our research team that discovered the importance and existence of the level Five business leaders, do not know whether we will succeed or not to evolve.  But the efforts to achieve it are definitely worthwhileBecause, as with all other positive and essential features that make us better human beings, when we are able to acquire any of the level Five business leaders characteristics, it enriches our lives."



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