Leadership Skills (9otX) - Conflict Resolution

18 May

Different in nature reasons cause contradictions and conflicts among company employees of the company.  Timely and effective resolution is essential to improving the microclimate and achieving better results.  No leader could afford the luxury to wait the conflict to resolve itself!

Every conflict has an object and subjects.  Each of the participants seeks to prove that s/he is right in that conflict.
conflict resolution, leadership skills 
Effective conflict resolution requires the true causes for the conflict to be detected and analyzed.
And these reasons are many.  The sociologist – Professor Lord R.Dahrendorf - suggests the most common reasons for the emergence of conflicts are a result of:
  • organizational and management structure, ie the distribution of authority and responsibilities among employees.

  • personal misconceptions - some people do not like, do not hear, do not respect each other, but still keep to impose themselves on others.

  • company's technical development and the subsequent increased requirements on the technical competence of the existing staff.

  • working environment

  • salaries and bonuses allocation

Although I do not believe in the existence of universal techniques conflict resolution, leadership skillsfor resolving conflicts in the workplace, I will draw your attention on the following recommendations from the book “Management, the leading companies experience " by K. Paleshutski:
  1. Do not rush to use authority when resolving a conflict! Be aware, imposed solutions are of short duration.

  2. To reduce the conflict triggers , create long term relationships between different groups within the company.

  3. When a group has a leader, it usually is more conflict-free. Therefore, promote group leadership! When conflict arises in the group, the existence of a leader helps to quickly and effectively resolve the conflict.

  4. Direct your efforts to fight all conflict triggers stated by Professor Lord R.Dahrendorf! It is not good enough to eliminate only one of the causes.

  5. If possible, discuss the results with everyone! At least once a month meet the entire staff (direct subordinates)!

  6. The objectives of the organization and departments must be in harmony with the aspirations of the majority of employees(hire only people who share the company values).

  7. The goal setting and responsibilities of each employee must be done in a way that encourages them.

  8. Employees must feel that the incentives system offers fair compensation for their efforts and contribution.

  9. Remember, you reap what you have sowed! Hostility generates enmity.

  10. In resolving conflicts account for gender differences between participants! Researches reveal that men appear to be twice more prone to cooperation and trust at the beginning, distrust comes later. With women, it is just the opposite.

  11. Periodically check the index of cohesion of the different groups within the company.

I think the conflict resolution within the company is like the good health - prevention is most important! It is necessary to direct our efforts to eliminate the causes leading to conflict!




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