The Business Leader and the Inspiration

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14 Apr

The definition of leader says that the leader is a person with a clear purpose and followers. But where the leader derives his inspiration from? Where does he found that boundless energy?

According to the Thesaurus Dictionary inspiration is creative excitement, a state of creative uplift.
Being familiar with the paradox of monetary motive, we can safely reject the money as a key incentive for the leader.  Frankly, I see no way how money can ever help the creative momentum of the individual.  On the contrary, I've noticed that over the years, enthusiasm among the majority of people dies, despite their ever-increasing income.  Their will to change themselves, the desire to struggle, to develop critical thinking, to create - almost disappear at the expense of advancing apathy and desire to possess more and more goods.
However, there are hundreds and inspiration, leaderthousands of business leaders who somehow manage to be a model for the inspiration and inexhaustible vitality.  How they manage to maintain their youthful audacity, combine it with knowledge and build success?
The main part of their conscious life, if not counting the time for sleep and other primary needs, business leaders dedicate to the success of their organizations.  There is not enough time, outside the company, when business leaders could charge themselves with positive energy.  Although Nature is my great love I guess it is not possible most of the inspiration to come from the environment during the short periods of interaction with it.
Once we have excluded the money and the environment as key factors for business leaders’ inspiration there remained only his personality, his understanding of the world.  The “proper” view of life is a prerequisite for the leader to:
• define challenging, and yet, attainable goal
• choose the right methods to achieve it
• create followers
make fewer errors
• not waste energy in secondary activities
• enjoy the progress.
The “proper” view of life goes through correct answers to questions like:
- What am I today? (As opposed to: Who I want to become? or Who I want to be perceived as?)
- What can I do best? (But not,What I want to do?)
- Am I now doing what I’m best at?
If we do what we are best at, if we know what we are, if we do not substitute reality with desired picture, our relationship with the world will be much more healthy and constructive.  This is called “to find yourself".  And only then there is no discrepancy between our expectations and the feedback from the world.  Inspiration cannot be found through purposeful efforts.  It is born from the interaction of "the one that have found himself” with the others, with the world.
If I should say it in one sentence, it would be: Inspiration comes to those who are in peace with themselves and the world.

Business leaders are not torn by internal contradictions.  They are standing firmly on the “proper” view of life and correct self-evaluation, and they are focused on achieving the challenging goal.  And that is the "natural" way the leaders are bursting with inspiration.  Their inspiration is so strong that it lits the flame of passion for success in the followers hearts.

Discover yourself, your current personality, be yourself and the inspiration will be with you forever!



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