Business Case Study 7: The delay of the Executive Director

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02 Apr

This case study was presented in 1994 by Prof. Veselin Savov to the students from Marketing and Management Faculty at The University for National and World Economy.  Ten years later he helped me to develop a testing system for recruitment process I the company I worked for.  I encourage everyone to protect and develop all acquaintances with smarter and more capable people.

Business Case 7: The delay of the Executive Director

You are CEO of a large company. At 8:30 this morning - the start of the workday - you have requested a meeting with your Director Human Resources in relation to the recent frequent violations of labor discipline done by his subordinates and himself.  These violations are expressed mostly in multiple coffee breaks and late at work - not with much time, but often.

This morning, however,
you are late for work due to some home troubles and arrive at work at 8.50 hours.   Your subordinated is waiting for you for 20 minutes now.  In principle you are never late even you come a bit earlier to work.  You invite the HR Director in your office.
What exactly will you say next? Describe in details every action and decision!
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