Test 6. Organizational Skills of the Manager

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31 Mar

There are so many books and articles about how to get more organized that even if I borrow the nine lives of my cat I still won’t be able to read all of them. But I will always find 7-8 minutes to make a short test to determine my present organizational skills.

Answer "yes" or "no" to the following questions!
  1. At mornings when you sit behind your desk, do you always know which the top 2-3 priority tasks, to start from, are?

  2. As a rule, do you complete them within the same workday?

  3. Do you have speedy and systematical approach for reading the professional newspapers and magazines?
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  4. Can you clean up all documents from your desk in one minute?

  5. Could your assistant provide you with any document s/he has archived within 5 minutes?

  6. Do you daily coordinate your tasks with your assistant and once a week - with your subordinates?

  7. Do your associates get regular guidance and subsequent feedback regarding the objectives and tasks, deadlines and specific responsibilities, which they have?

  8. Do you always check when and how well the tasks you set were executed?

  9. Do you complete your paper work at most for a week since you got the documentation?

  10. Is the possibility of not answering an important letter due to "mislaid somewhere on the desk” status excluded?

  11. Are your practices missing cases where letters of your correspondents begin with phrases such as "Since we have not received a response to our letter dated ..."?

  12. Are you successful in limiting to two interruptions your most important meetings and activities, requiring concentration?

  13. Do you plan and execute your tasks in a manner that they are never left to the last moment?
  14. Are your practices missing cases where you do not attend meetings due to forgetfulness?

  15. Do you restrict taking work home to at most once a week?

  16. Do you always get clear and concise reports and notes from your associates; to extend there is no need of further clarification?

  17. Do your own reports and notes meet the same requirements?

  18. Do your subordinates complete their tasks completely, so you need just to check, but never finish them off?

  19. Do you have time for consideration and implementation of new major events to ensure the development in your area of responsibility (ie are you sure you are not "drowned" in routine duties)?

The more answers "yes" you have the more organized you are. Nothing to worry if you have more than 15 replies “yes”.


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