Test 7. Are You a Workaholic

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30 Mar

We all work hard, work without end, and work is still there.  Do you work too much?  If you are a manager and a workaholic, you unconsciously overburden the subordinates ...

But if you know you're a workaholic, you might start to spare
yourselfRemember that the average life duration, in many countries, is over 80 years and if at age of 50 you’re ruined from work it will be difficult to reach 80 yearsUnder "ruined" I understand working 70 hours a week for several consecutive years.

This two minute mini-test will "diagnose" your current situation. Please answer "yes" or "no" to the questions:

  1. Do you feel that you can not control your addiction to your job?   Does it often happen to you to say "I will do just this extra” and again, and again, until you find out that you have worked 10-14 hours and you must stop?
      workaholic, manager
  2. Do you wake up with your most urgent daily job tasks in your mind?  Do you need to work more when you experience family problems?
  3. Have you lost any friends? Have you abandoned any sports or hobbies because of complete devotion to the job?
  4. When you are on holiday, do you feel you're wasting your time by not doing anything substantial and meaningful?
  5. Do you feel greater need to work as your age is progressing, despite the headache or depression “reminders”?
    The manager who was too busy
    to pour a glass of water!

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