Do You Trust Your First Impression

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13 Mar


Do you believe in love at first sight?  Do you believe in the proper assessment of the first impression?  Would you appoint someone to work 5 minutes after you met him?

  Let me help you.
Respond instantaneously to the following questions:
first impression
Your reason suggests that the lines of the first question are parallel and that the size of lines and central circles are just the same.  But what did the first impression tell you?  Did you trust your first impression judgement?
Okay, okay, you want a little assistance. 
Are the parallel lines horizontal or do they slope?
first impression
Where do you see parallel lines?  Look again!  What does your second impression whisper?  And is it saying the same as the first impression?

Yes, I know you guessed
it correctly - the horizontal lines are parallel. But how often, on a daily basis, we trust and follow your first impression?  How many colleagues and employees we have categorized based onour first impression onlyThe communication process is rather complex even without the diversions of the first impression.

What do you see in the
picture belowFace of an old woman or Eskimo?
             first impression
Now assume that we work together and I see the opposite of what you see. Our manager has taken the drawing in his office. Imagine that he has entrusted us the task of creating a description of the one whom we have seen in the picture. Of course, both of us believe that we have seen the correct man. Do you think there will be anything in common between our two descriptions? Didn’t we describe the same picture?

Transmission of thought or idea in unmodified form along the entire chain of communication process is very difficult.  Managers, transmitting a message, instruction, or order must require feedback of what is understood.  The same applies to any communication between two people.

Final assistance or provocation from me.     Maybe once someone has suggested that elephants have 4 legs. Well, please, see with your own eyes how many legs that random elephant specimen has!
first impression
No further assistance will be provided!  I believe you already have a solid opinion on wheether you can trust your first impression.  I am also sure you know whether you should build your opinion or take management and life decisions based on your first impression.

But I have not secured your feedback  So my statement “I’m sure” is only a guess, not a fact (not yet, but when you leave a comment…)



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