Test 5. Extrovert or Introvert

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05 Mar


There is no greater gift than truly knowing ourselves. The world is full of people:

  • who believe they are very decisive, but 30 minutes cannot decide which pair of shoes to buy;
  • who consider themselves treated unfairly, but never hesitate to put the blame on a colleague;
  • who think they deserve to get much more, although the results achieved by them are insignificant. .introvert, extrovert, test

But enough about others. Do we really know ourselves?  How often do we look into the "mirror" in search of our real Me?

Something easy, "... mirror, mirror, tell me" what person am I?

Extrovert characteristics:
Energetic, communicative, rather people or general task-oriented than oriented to details.  Suitable for professional areas related to many contacts with people.

Introverted characteristics:
Pedantic, strict, precise, and results-oriented.  Suitable for areas requiring technical expertise.

Ambivert characteristics:
Possess well-developed features of both other types.  The dominant style of behavior depends on the situation and the current emotional state of the individual.

Answer test questions with: "Yes", “Sometimes” or "No”.

1. Do you initiate the talk when meeting others?
2. Do you enjoy people to collaborate with you?
3. Do you prefer to work on a task together with other people?
4. Do you tolerate others’ mistakes?
5. Are you patient when others bother you?
6. When in friends’ company, do you usually take the decision what the group to do?
7. Would people say that you love to follow your own path?
8. Do you express yourself much better orally than in writing?
9. Do you easily remember faces?
10. Are you late for meetings?
11. Do you start easily something new?
12. Do you like taking risks?
13. Do you easily change attitude or opinion?
14. Do you like handling several things at once?
15. Do you express what you really feel?
16. Do you like influencing people in a way they to do what you want?
17. Do you feel uneasy to enter a room full of strangers?
18. Does it happen to lose desire to finish the task when you have executed the hardest part of it?
19. Are you interested in what others think about you?
20. Does it happen to take actions without thinking about consequences?
21. Do you laugh easily?
22. Has anybody ever told you that you are too proud or selfish person?
23. Have you answered the previous questions quickly and without long reflection?
24. Do you believe that even the most dramatic events will not be able to change you?
25. Are your comments always appropriate?
26. Do you think people are so conceited that it is useless to explain anything to them?
27. Do you prefer to be a team member rather than the leader of the same team?
28. Do you prefer reading a book rather than meeting with friends?
29. Do you do your job diligently even when it is not necessary to do it perfectly?
30. Do you enjoy solving mathematical puzzles?
31. When you decide to buy something expensive, do you gather in advance information about its price in different stores?
32. Have you ever missed anything because you have delayed your decision?
33. Do your friends say you focus too much on the details?
34. Do you like to arrange and secure everything, so that not to worry later?
35. Do you return back to decisions you have already taken?
36. Do you want to have higher opinion about yourself and greater self-esteem?
37. Do you express a clear view of politics and religion?
38. Do you like to read serious literature?
39. Do you worry when people talk about you?
40. Do you keep quiet in the presence of strangers?
41. Are you able to do long and tiring routine work?
42. Does it embarrass you when someone monitors you while you work?
43. Do you like to make minor home or car repairs?
44. Do you often think about things you want to see, look or possess?
45. Does it happen to have a very happy day followed by a very unhappy one?
46. Do you blush easily?
47. Do you doubt to ask a friend for a loan if you are not sure whether he will respond positively to your request?
48. Are you sometimes afraid that you will lose your job due to lower performance?
49. Do you allow newcomers to take your position in a long queue?
50. Do you focusing on the details?

1 point for each answer "sometimes".
2 points for answer "No" to questions 1-23 and answer "Yes" to questions 24-50.
0 points for the remaining options.

Results evaluation:
   0-36 – you re extrovert
 37-63 – you are ambivert
64-100 – you are introvert



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