Logical Problem - Logistics

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04 Mar

This is the most sophisticated version of the logical problem theme "cross the river”.

The logical problem:

Eight people (mother, two daughters, father, two sons, a sheriff and a prisoner) should cross the river on a raft, but under the following conditions:
logical problem, logistics
• The sheriff must not leave people alone with the prisoner.
The father must not leave his sons with the mother, the mother - her daughters with the father.
• Children must not sail the raft alone.
The raft cannot sail empty in neither of the directions and has payload of maximum two persons.

As my wife does not read Japanese I will translate for you the words on the picture, that will show up when you click the link.
“Please press the blue circle to start the animated decision processing simulation and enjoy it!”

If you do not get the answer through the simulator, please mail me!



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