Communication Process and Why It is So Easy to be Not Understood

published in: Leadership skills

24 Feb

Communication occupies a significant part of our daily lives.  But what is communication?  We may find many definitions of communication and part of them are highly contradictory.

I like the laconic definition: communication is a process of information and meaning exchange.

What is the object of communication?  That is the reality that surrounds us.  As reality we define what we perceive.  But different people perceive differently.  And precisely because of these different perceptions we get different realities. Logical paradox as the reality should be one.  These different perceptions implies difficulties in the communication process.
Let’s look at the chronological chain of the communication process:

communication process, communication
Seven stages and noise between any two of them. The noise could be external (environmental) as well as internal (distraction, fatigue, unwillingness to hear). It is extremely difficult our message, the way we thought of it, to reach unchanged to the recipient. It is more likely the meaning of the message to be misunderstood.

When adding the wrong education, where we all learned to think about ourselves and our benefit firs, it is becoming even more difficult to achieve the communication purpose – information and meaning exchange.
 fig.:Communication process - chronological chain

How often do we check what part of our message the recipients really heard and understood?

How often do we show interest whether the purpose of communication is achieved?

And it is sender’s duty to monitor whether the communication goal is achieved.



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