Leadership Skills (5ofX) - Basic Leadership Model

03 Feb

Achieving excellence is a journey, not the final goal.  It is a continuous process. Managers that do not perfect themselves are lagging behind.

Business leaders achieve results through their subordinates. Leaders should pin-point the desired objective and make employees achieve it. The results are the most important indicator of how successful the manager is. The higher the results against the average for the industry, the more successful the leaders are.

Knowing the most popular leadership models helps us to build our own effective style. Such a basic model to lead the staff, and my favorite, is based on situational leadership theory, developed by Dr. Kenneth Blanchard and Prof. Paul Hersey. According to this theory the correct leadership style of behavior is a function of the particular stage in the employee development and the characteristics of both, the leader and the employee.

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Skillful application of the leadership model provides the subordinates with the following information vital to their effectiveness:

1. what is required from them (Goal setting process).
      2. what is their "correct" behavior (Performance monitoring process).
      3. how successful they are (Feedback process).
      4. what will they get when the goal is achieved and the “correct” behavior sustained (Acknowledgement process).

If you think everything is very clear and simple, try to answer the above questions. Ask a colleague of yours the same questions.  Did you get similar answers?  If so, then the company you are working in is among the better ones.

If not, it is very likely that your company is among those that give guns to their employees, indicate the target, place a screen in front of the target results and shout "Fire!". Then those companies management goes behind the screen and informs you, at their will, what you've hit. But you do not see your score. You are forced to trust managers’ scoring.  Certainly much better for motivation and performance would be you to see your results with your own eyes, without any screening.

The basic leadership model, described above, is one of the methods that allow employees to "see" exactly how many marks they hit.



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