Logical Problem - The 10 Cypresses

published in: Leadership inventory

28 Jan

You have just been promoted to Manager Environmental Relations.  Congratulations!    Your first task is to plant in the company garden 10 cypresses in 5 rows, 4 cypresses in each row.

10 pieces logical problem, logic, manageronly.


I did 20 drawings prior reaching the answer of this logical problem.  Am I appropriate for the position Manager Environmental Relations?    Obviously it is true that the brain is in its zenith when we are 20-25 years-old.  Unfortunately I have flown over the age of 25 long, long time ago.  Anyhow, the answer is that you have to draw a star with 5 lines (rows) and plant the ten cypresses in every point where two lines cross each other.  Thus you will have 5 rows and 4 cypresses in each, but only 10 cypresses.


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