Who Can Be a Successful Manager?

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22 Jan

Every boss has to assess who of his team has the greatest potential for a manager, at least once in his career.  On the other hand, every capable and ambitious employee wishes to be promoted to manager. Both ask themselves: “Who can be a successful manager?”

The good news is that nobody was born manager. Nobody was born with the skills to read, write or speak. But we all learned them.  Some better than others, but ... everyone has his own vocation.  It is hard to find what one’s destiny is and which field he can be most successful.

The first prerequisite to becoming a successful manager is to wish it. You should have a strong desire that will give you the energy to achieve that goal.

The second prerequisite is to have one or more genuine friendships, if possible with people of the opposite sex, having different from your interests. With these friends you must discuss, at least once a year, your strengths and weaknesses, your failures and successes. They are the ones who will hold your feet on the ground, away from the distorted ideas about your personality. They will maintain a realistic assessment of you. Without such realistic view of yourself, you couldn’t conduct a successful dialogue with subordinates.

The third prerequisite is to have a developed sophisticated objective assessment of people surrounding you.  The objective assessment is exempted from the influences of emotions, instincts and prejudices.

The fourth prerequisite is to love learning. You must love to read. Clever people learn from their own mistakes, the wise – from the mistakes of others! In this high-speed XXI century to learn only by own errors is unacceptably slow process. It is imperative to grasp handfuls from the experience of the world-famous leaders, if we want to be successful managers.

The fifth prerequisite is to be a man of principles. You'll have situations where the humaneness will whispers you to turn a blind eye to a small but principled error of an employee or more important matters will justify your own neglect to the success of another employee, but only your boundless principled will protect you to deviate from the right path. And the right path, in this example is one: whatever problems the manager has, he should praise the employee success and regardless of his good luck, the successful manager should reprimand the principal subordinate’s mistake.

Well, my dear reader, have you already developed all five prerequisites?

If not, then my friendly advice is not to hurry with the challenge of becoming a manager.  Same as you, your boss wants you to succeed, to be truly successful manager. But as general Suvorov said: "The more sweat in training, the less blood in combat." The more prepared you face your promotion the more inevitable your success will be…

If yes, then you're ready to hit the road - the road of the manager. Namely - to start! The road is long and difficult. After each peak, which you will conquer there will be another - even higher peak.
And in the day when you find your success is now measured by the successes of your disciples, you will reach the next challenge - the leadership (the difference between a manager and leader is described here).

Go boldly and fast – plenty of successful managers are urgently needed on this planet!



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