Logical Problem - The Clever Detective

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11 Jan

Sherlock Homes grandson became a detective in Italy.  Once as he was patrolling his area he saw two parked on the road cars not far from Roman sanctuary ruins.  When he approached the cars he noticed a man bending over the corpse of the killed in a traffic accident shepherd.  Both cars were located in approximately the same distance and angle to the victim. 3 hours of light rain had washed both cars and removed all possible traces.  There were no visible scratches on the cars.  Shepherd's warm body signaled the detective that the accident had happened about 20 minutes earlier.  The latter contacted the nearest two police posts  and found out that in the last 4 hours in each direction had passed only one car, a blue Ford and white Chrysler, that were on the road next to him.  The posts, however, could not state the exact time the vehicles passed along them.

At this moment, from the sanctuary appeared the driver of the blue Ford.  The detective asked him to tell what happened.  The driver explained that he came about 3 hours earlier and all the time he spent in the sanctuary.  He also claimed he knows nothing about the accident.

The white Chrysler driver explained that he arrived 5 minutes prior the detective and noticing the lying shepherd and the empty Ford stopped to help.

Sherlock Homes grandson thought deeply, inspected the two cars and the body and said to the driver of the blue Ford:
"You lied to me!  You did not come 3 hours ago!  I am imprisoning you till the whole truth is revealed."

How the detective established indisputably that the Ford driver was lying?


I'll write the answer in reverse order - you will have to read right to left:
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