Business Case Study 3. Relative Among Contest Participants

published in: Case studies

29 Nov

A friend of yours is the main organizer of 2009 best website contest.  Weeks in advance he announced the contest rules, participants selection criteria, the other two members of the jury (your friend is the third member of the jury) and the number of stages -three.  At the start of the competition, it becomes clear for all participants that your friend's brother is among the participants.

After completion of the first and second stage, it appears that the brother's website is the main pretender for the first place in the contest.  In order not to be accused in using his authority in business case relative among contest participantsthe contest jury for supporting his brother website your friend officially resigns from his jury position and leaves the jury with two members.  They choose the 2009 best site winner - the site of your friend's brother.

Please comment:
a/ your friend's behavior;
b/ his resignation timing;
c/ what are the possible negative consequences for your friend and his brother;
d/ how would you proceed if you were in your friend's shoes.


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