How to be a Manager

20 Nov

I want to become a manager!  I have the necessary education and some experience at this workplace and I believe that I am handling very well my present duties. I am one of the best in the department ... 

What can I do to get promoted? How to be a manager?

Let's start the point that being the best in the department does not mean that I am appropriate for a manager.  Qualities necessary for a managerial position are quite different from those needed for Two knights as an allegory of manager and employeea superb employee.  The manager plans, organizes, directs, monitors and measures the results and the work of his/her employees.  S/he achieves the objectives through the people in his department, as opposed to every employee who achieves them through its own direct efforts.

Let's go back to the question: "How to become a manager?"
To accelerate our promotion it is necessary to work in two directions:

  • Development and acquisition of managerial skills; 
  • High appreciation from the management. 


Development and acquisition of managerial skills

Nobody is born a manager!  All of them were regular employees prior becoming managers.  Some faster, others more slowly have learned to plan, organize, direct, measure and control.  Third have not learned the skills and are no longer managers.  The key word here is "learned."  If so many people can, we are also capable to develop these 5 activities.  Classical approach to achieve this goal is the following process:

  1. One-two books about the targeted skill;
  2. Partial implementation of what has been read in our daily work (bring theory into practice);
  3. Read case studies from practice (and in addition - autobiographies of famous managers);
  4. Meeting our mentor to analyze the progress and to identify the next goal (as few people have mentors, the solution is to pay 1 hour at a business consultant);
  5. Armed with the new order we go back to step 1.  Each year we have to go through 2 to 4 cycles, depending on the easiness with which we develop the relevant skill. 


High appreciation from the management

We will be promoted by a manager who has recognized our managerial skills.  Our task is to help him notice us.  Deeply involved in their daily duties and job surprises many managers look but do not see.  Under any circumstances we must not sit motionless and wait the superior to notice us.  And we must never criticize his short-sightedness in front of colleagues or friends.  Because unconsciously we will gain such negative charge due to which we will be denied promotion.

What we must do is to show initiative and true interest in the development of the department and the company.   Recommended activities are: thoroughly premeditated proposals about improving department productivity, organizing activities for the department or company, such as teambuilding, seminar, picnic ... proposals for new services or products, improving existing ones, new distribution channels, new pricing policy, rebates, development of projects suggested by the manager ... In short, anything that brings benefits to the company.

Most importantly:

  • we must show sincere interest;
  • we must present well-grounded written proposals answering the questions: why, what, when, where, how (written in order to be deeply considered and to get the boss' comment on it);
  • we must often display initiatives. 

Mentality of a manager

Practically, to get a managerial position my focus has to be on the job.  My goals have to be how I can become more capable leader and the department - more productive.  And if that really are my goals, I have started building my mentality of a manager.  And if I have managerial mentality, my promotion is inevitable.



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