Test 2. Logical Thinking - Logic

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17 Nov

Leader with less developed logical thinking is like a lame horse, moves - but slowly.  Logic is needed everywhere and in everything.   It is not a coincidence that since the time of Aristotle in many schools all over the world, the subject "Logic" is taught.  The logic is often the enemy of the totalitarian systems of any society and of any public company (but let's not to deviate further ).

In the test, you have to determine the correctness of the statements made on the basis of one or more claims.  The reality has no meaning.  The statements in the test create a new reality.  This new reality is the base for your logical answers.  There may be more than one correct answer as well as none correct answers.  Time limit to solve the 12 tasks below is 8 minutes.

Take a piece of paper and a pen, set the alarm for 8 minutes.  Re-read previous paragraph, with test instructions. We wish you success!


1. Some dolphins are ships.  Some ships play the guitar.
Therefore, some dolphins play
          a/ true
b/ false


2. Some bears are dwarfs.  Dwarfs all love to paint.
Therefore, all bears love to paint.
a/ true
b/ false

3. All deers can swim.  All phones are deers.
Therefore, all phones can swim.
          a/ true
b/ false

4. Nobody can become a manager, if s/he is beautiful.  All people are beautiful.
Therefore, nobody can become a manager.
          a/ true
b/ false

5. Goats and sheep seem just the same.  Two herds never look the same.
Therefore, goats and sheep are not two herds.
          a/ true
b/ false

6. All owls collect stamps.  Some collectors sit in cages.
Therefore, some owls sit in bird cages.
          a/ true
b/ false


7. All sharks can not swim.  All sharks have wings.
a/ without wings sharks can not swim
b/ some sharks have wings
c/ all sharks that have wings, can not swim
d/ sharks can not swim because they have wings
e/ sharks can not swim and they have no wings

8. Only bad people slander and lie.  Desdemona is bad.
a/ Desdemona does not lie
b/ Desdemona does not slander
c/ Desdemona
          d/ Desdemona lies and slanders

9. Trunks drink vodka.  Trunks are blue animals.
a/ all blue animals are trunks
b/ all blue animals drink vodka
c/ trunks that drink whiskey are blue animals
d/ some trunks drink vodka

10. Some people are Martians.  Martians have three hands.
a/ some people have three hands
b/ Martians with two hands sometimes are people
c/ Martians - these are people with three hands
d/ people with two hands are not Martians
e/ Martians, who are people, sometimes have three hands

11. Good managers grow on trees.  Bad managers can drink.
a/ bad managers do not grow on trees
b/ some good managers are bad because they can drink
c/ bad managers grow on trees
d/ good managers who can sing, can also drink
e/ some bad managers can not drink

12. Each rhomb is a circle.  All rhombs are yellow.
a/ yellow
rhombs have round corners
b/ there are rhombs with yellow corners
c/ there are yellow round corners
d/ there are
rhombs with round corners
rhombs and corners are yellow and round

Now let's see who has the logic?
We remind you that one bird does not bring the spring.  Therefore a single test cannot provide sufficiently reliable information about your logic.  But still it is a landmark.  And, leaders often have to deal with landmarks.


Results interpretation:

For each correct answer you get 1 point.
3 - 6 points, you must develop your logic.
7 -10 points, you have done well
11-12 points, you're the best performer! Congratulations! You are able to see the essence of the situations and to predict the conduct of the people around you.

The answers:
1-b;   2-b;   3-a;   4-a;   5-b;   6-b;   7-c;   8-none;   9-c,d;   10-a;
11-none, 12-none.



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