Qualities of a Great Business Leader

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27 Oct

The definition of a business leader says that leaders are unique. Yet, there are several common characteristics of a good leader that we should pay attention to…

1 of 6.  Passion
Passion towards work is the first thing I am looking for when promoting business leaders.  Passionate people can devote themselves to the cause they believe in.  They can dedicate all their efforts and skills to the objective.  The people with passion over deliver results.  You ask them to prepare analysis of their department and they do it, but in addition you also get comments on the collaboration between their and the other departments, accompanied by well motivated suggestions for the communication process improvement.
The passion makes the difference between the ordinary 75% and the star 15% of your employees.
2 of 6. Decisiveness
One cannot be a successful business leader if he doesn’t have the courage to take tough decisions. Rarely there will be sufficient information for an existing problem.  Alexander the Great as symbol of a Great LeaderThe clever, but indecisive leader will tend to analyze the problem over and over thus creating preconditions for the negative consequences, caused by his delayed decision.  Trying to find the perfect solutions, the indecisive leaders experience procrastinations that might cause lower team productivity, enthusiasm downfall, missed opportunities...
Very often in business, the best decision is an enemy of the good decision!
                                                                             pic.1: Alexander the Great
Many intellectual people like consultants and university lecturers, when put to real business world, face indecisiveness. For nobody learned to swim only by reading books. Both experience and theory are important, but only their union supports on time, mighty decisiveness.
3 of 6. Vitality (The Inner Energy)
Being a good business leader is a more lonely entertainment than being a good team member.  The strong positive energy is vital for any business leader.  This energy allows him to work like hell, to start early in the morning, to end late in the evening and not to feel tired during the work process.  He recharges his batteries from the daily work activities, from doing the right things, from turning his ideas into reality.  People with such great inner energy say:”…we shall find the way, we shall do it…” and they have the power to make that happen.
4 of 6. Charisma
Under charisma, in this article, I mean the ability of a good business leader to inspire his team members, to motivate them to accept greater challenges and to go even above them.  Inspiring is a complex process that includes proper communication, leading by example, setting challenging but realistic goals, strong professional knowledge, praises, team ethics, etc.
5 of 6. Business Ethics
The successful business leader must have solid ethics foundations.  His value system will be the guidelines for him and his team when tackling tough problems, when setting the future route.  The high business ethics gives team members additional reasons to self improving themselves for their own and company benefit.

6 of 6. Effectiveness
Results are the reason for the appearance and existence of each organization or union.  And neither owners or shareholders, nor superiors or colleagues can be pleased by decisive, ethical, passionate, energetic and charismatic leader who does not deliver market results, at minimum.  For it is to no one’s good to have a brilliant idea, perfect business plan, excellent team and poor results.
As Mr Nikolai Haitov, a famous Bulgarian writer says:”…it is one thing to wish to do it, another – to be capable to do it, but it is third and fourth to execute it…” The execution, the materialization of the ideas, the effectiveness is another very important trait of a great business leader.


What Makes a Great Leader?
The combination of the 6 qualities of a good business leader:
                                     Business Ethics
results in an extremely gifted person! To my understanding these 6 traits are the qualities of a great business leader!
It might be because I am too young (40), but I’ve never had the chance to work for or to hire somebody who had already developed the 6 traits of a good leader.  Neither have I developed all 6 of the traits of a great leader, so far. But there are such great business leaders, they exist, scattered all over the world, throughout all industries. Some of them you may find at this link: http://www.thinkers50.com/?page=home
Knowing the qualities of a leader, of the great business leader, assists me to:
  • Evaluate the present leadership potential of my team members;
  • Plan the growth of the star team members;
  • Give a clear picture of what makes a good leader, to be used as a guideline by the ambitious team members;
  • Set my personal development priorities.
Becoming a team leader, manager or winning the next career promotion is not the end of the road! It is only the beginning! Bon voyage, leader!



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