Test 11. Managerial Leadership Skills

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12 May

Almost everyone from the Academy for leaders visitors is striving to manage a business company (whether as Owner  of a business enterprise or as a CEO on payroll).  Often there is a lack of neutral and objective information on which business leadership and management skills one has already mastered, which require tuning and which - serious improvement.

The attached below link, to a test for 20 entrepreneurial skills assessment (20 skills absolutely necessary for business enterprise successful management), provides detailed 34 pages long explanation on:
  • What is the entrepreneurial skill about?
  • Why is it important?
  • How do you obtain that management skill?
  • How do you further develop the business leadership skill?

The test consists of 80 questions.  Completing takes between 15 and 25 minutes, depending on the level of English proficiency.  A detailed report is immediately received in your mailbox.
The benefit of understanding the test report (34 pages) is much greater than the test itself.

Enjoy  test completing!

Link to the test: http://www.estrengths.com.



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