Test 9. Logical Thinking – Analogies

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09 Oct

It sounds reasonably prior leading others to learn about ourselves.  Knowing our strengths and weaknesses will help us make a decision which activities must be delegated...

The test below aims at assessing our logical thinking capabilities.

20 pairs of words follow. Against each pair of words you are requested to write down the correct code (A, B, C, D, E or F).

Here is the code for each type of analogy:
A. Sheep - Flocktest, logical thinking, analogies, leader
B. Raspberry - Fruit
C. Sea - Ocean
D. Light - Darkness
D. Poisoning - Death
E. Enemy - Foe

Take a sheet of paper, a pen and set the alarm clock in 3 minutes. Good luck!

1. Fear - Runaway
2. Physics - Science
3. Correct - True
4. Stem - Garden
5. Pair - Couple
6. Word - Phrase
7. Cheerful - Sluggish
8. Freedom - Will
9. Country - City
10. Praise - Dispute
11. Vengeance - Fire
12. Ten - Number
13. Weeping - Crying
14. Chapter - Book
15. Repose - Breathing
16. Courage - Dignity
17. Cool - Cold
18. Fraud - Distrust
19. Singing - Art
20. Bedside table - Table

Please, count the correct answers.  Assess yourselve!  I will not give you rating scheme - as a future leader you must learn to build "fair" criteria for evaluating the success!  OK, ok... I hear you... here is a little hint.  If you have 19 correct answers in 3 minutes, then you are probably a genius.  And if you still want to know how many correct answers an average intelligent person gets - email me.

20c, 19b, 18e, 17c, 16f, 15d, 14a, 13f, 12B, 11e, 10d, 9c, 8f, 7d, 6a, 5f, 4a, 3f, 2b, 1e



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