The Business Leader and the 5 Rules for Business Success

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15 May

Hundreds of authors write about rules that business leaders should follow in order to achieve business success.  Depending on the author and how detailed the rules are, they may be any number between 5 and 500.  In his book: "The 100 absolutely unbreakable laws of business success", Brian Tracy limited the business success rules to five. business success, business success rules, leader

Business success rule № 1
The business leader must focus on the marketing, sales and revenue.  The company most talented people must work with the customers: to sell them the best products in larger quantities.
Business success rule № 2
Products and services must comply with the market, they are sold on; they should meet the customer needs at their solvency level.
Business success rule № 3
Clear company main goal - every employee from the very top to the bottom should be aware of where the company is going.  The interaction between different departments and     Do you see the instruments of success?   employees must resemble parts in a smoothly
running machine.
Business success rule № 4
The business leader should establish an effective accounting system and cost control over the management administration structures.  Poor cost control is the second most common cause of enterprise failure.
Business success rule № 5
The business leader must create a system of continuous company development – everlasting learning system. Improvement is not a goal, it is a management philosophy.
The business leader bears responsibility for their employees and organization to follow and execute these 5 rules for business success.  The business leaders have to periodically ensure theselves free time, away from the daily operational tasks, in which to assess whether they observed these basic rules of business success ...



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