6 Qualities of Successful People

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10 Mar

In the previous article I’ve mentioned, that for myself, I found 4 distinct themes in Brian Tracy’s seminar. Today I'll share part of the topic "Psychology of success and successful people qualities.

You will not be surprised to find out that all 6 qualities of successful people personnel policy, leadershipare skills that can be acquired...
Qualities of successful people:
1. Confident - successful people are confident they can achieve the pre-defined target; they set ambitious goals and firmly believe they will achieve them.
2. Committed - successful people not only focus on the main objective, but also fully devote themselves to it; they cease activities that do not move them closer to the target and thus provide time for activities supporting target achievement.
3. Passionate – in order to succeed you must work with enthusiasm, passion, with all your heart; successful people truly love what they do; to love your work – you have to become good at it, when you become good at what you do – you generate self-esteem, radiate confidence, and reap success.
4. Helping - successful people help teammates to achieve success (not by doing their work, but rather by sharing their success recipe).
5. Training - successful people prepare thoroughly for each new goal - as sportsmen prepare for the Olympic games.
6. Self-improvement - successful people have embraced continuous self-improvement, they realize that "One who doesn’t strive to become better, he ceases to be good."
Do you really want to be a successful person?

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