8 Steps to Success (Brian Tracy)

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27 Feb

On 25.2.2011 I visited Brian Tracy’s seminar “Psychology of Success".  Being a professional speaker with extensive experience, Brian Tracy managed to keep the attention of the audience in more than 90% of the time.

Although he said nothing new to the world, Brian Tracy managed to cover in a very interesting and attractive way the following 4 topics:
• Psychology of success and successful people qualities.
• Sales process, communication skills and sales techniques.
• Setting and achieving goals.
• Time management techniques.
The seminar definitely worth the money paid.  I recommend latest Brian Tracy’s lectures (www.briantracy.com) to everyone who strives to become better and more successful.
In this post, I will share with you, slightly edited, the topic "Making and achieving goals: (see Leadership skills (1ofX) - goal setting).
1. Define your goal.

Write down at least 10 goals, the first 10 that cross your mind, within 3-5 minutes. Then mark the most important goal. For 2-3 weeks continue doing this exercise every day, without looking at what you wrote earlier days. The third week, collect all your goals together and finally decide which the most important goal you want to achieve is. Brian Tracy said only 10% of the population have defined their Goal.
2. Copy the Goal on a visible place.

The more often you see the Goal, the more likely it is you to undertake steps towards achieving the Goal.  The Goal must be measurable, clear, ambitious and achievable. Ambitious Goal means it needs 5-7 years of continuous efforts.
3. Set deadline for achieving the Goal.

Only 3% of people set a deadline. But 46% out of these 3% achieved their goal. For comparison – only 4% of the people who just recorded the Goal, and never set a deadline, achieved it. So setting a deadline increases chances of success 11.5 times.
 Brian Tracy, Goal, The Goal, Goal setting
4. Prepare an actions list facilitating the Goal achievement.

This list you can expand at any time.
5. Determine the importance and sequence of every action from article 4.

Once you accomplish this point you have an action plan.
6. Decide whether achieving the Goal will make you a truly happy person.

After the seminar I asked Brian Tracy: "Do you think success is the meaning of our lives?" He replied instantly: "Depends." But, dissatisfied with the answer I continued to watch him in the eye and he modestly and tiredly said: "How could I know!"
We must very carefully assess whether the Goal achievement is worth the price we should pay. I have friends who once wanted to become rich (to earn EUR 200,000 a year). Aged about 45 years, one of them is already a millionaire. He worked a lot, on Saturdays and Sundays and ... and he lost his family. His companion in life now is the loneliness and his sister-in-law is the malice.
If the Goal is not worth the price - go back to article 1. Meanwhile, you've learned something very valuable about yourself - what you really value in your lives.
7. Begin to act - now, immediately.

Procrastination is our biggest enemy.
8. Every day do a task from the list.

Systematic and daily efforts are our companions on the road to success. Success is not a final destination, it is an endless journey.
Instead of conclusion:
One who does not strive to become better, ceases being good.



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