The Future of Marketing

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14 Dec

According to the authors of Marketing 3.0 - Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya and Iwan Setiawan – we are currently experiencing the deepest economic crisis since 1930.  The banks and the greedy investors are blamed to be the main culprits for the crisis.  Consumers are tightening their spending and switch to cheaper brands and products. So far – nothing’s new.

The big difference is the loss of confidence in large companies. Consumers no longer trust the current business practices.  According to Nielsen Global, the number of consumers who believe in corporate advertising drastically decreased.  90% of consumers believe in recommendations, done by acquaintances.  And 70% of respondents trust online comments of other users.  A study, conducted by Trendstriym / Laytspiyd Research, reveals that consumers trust strangers they “meet” on the social networks more than the experts’ opinion.
Social networks rise and the trend users to create communities show the correct path for the twenty-first century marketing managers.  They should create marketing concepts, facilitating networking between users and subsequently – communities structures.  These communities will support the company.
Marketing managers, however, should not forget that communities have their own lives and they will give their support only to companies who share similar values.
In the marketing concepts of the future, the interaction user - company will reach its zenith. Common components of these key concepts are:
  • jointly create and manage products and services /company creates the generic product, and consumers will determine the various modifications/
  • building communities together
  • jointly build the brand image
Passive consumers have extinct.

I think in the next ten years, you and I will see new confirmations of the business axiom "The fast prevails over the big”. In general, quick adaptation is now an integral feature of the successful company.




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