Marketing Management 3.0

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28 Nov

The father of management science and grandfather of marketing – Peter Drucker - claims that management is marketing and innovation.  As his loyal fan I started reading the book Marketing 3.0, written by the father of Marketing - Philip Kotler.

In the first chapter I found an interesting comparison table between:

• manufacturing marketing concept /Marketing 1.0/
• traditional marketing concept /Marketing 2.0/
• modern marketing concept /Marketing 3.0 /

  Marketing 1.0 Marketing 2.0  Marketing 3.0

Table 1. Comparison between different marketing concepts

Goals: to sell products satisfy and retain customers make the world a better place
Driving forces:  industrial revolution information technologies 21 century technologies
Market approach: mass users with physical needs demanding users with mind and heart human beings with mind, heart and spirit
Key marketing technique: product development differentiation values
Marketing strategies: product functions brand and product positioning company mission and values
Values offered: functional functional and emotional functional, emotional and spiritual
Customer interaction: one person to multiple people one person to another person multiple people cooperating with multiple people


As a typical opportunist, I cannot miss the opportunity to say that the goal of Marketing 3.0 - "Let's make the world a better place" is secondary in importance. First priority is, and always has been, to secure corporate profit. Because profits for the company is like air to humans.

But who am I to hang with the authors of Marketing 3.0 - Philip Kotler, Iwan Setiawan, and Hermawan Kartajaya.


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