Who Is Not Appropriate for Manager

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31 Oct

People can forgive many weaknesses of their manager: uncertainty, ignorance, low culture, incompetence or illiteracy. But they will never forgive him/her any lack of honesty. They will also never forgive those who appointed him ...

In short, prof. Peter Drucker believes that we should not hire as manager:
  • an individual, who lacks integrity (honesty);
  • a person whose sight is focused on peoples’ weaknesses rather than on their strengths (the manager, of course, must know their weaknesses, but it is important to comply with them through the prism of “what they are capable of doing");
  • an individual who does not set high standards for her/his own work, because this creates contempt for the manager’s work;
  • someone who is afraid of his able deputies, because fear is a powerful barrier to correct decisions;
  • a person who is more interested in "Who's right" instead of "What is right", because this creates a policy of error concealment.
A manager could work slow, poor, could lack qualities and skills, but still not causing harm to the company. But if s/he lacks honesty and integrity - no matter how smart, knowledgable and capable s/he is- s/he destroys!  S/he destroys the most valuable organization asset - the people - by killing their spirit.
The higher the managerial position is, the more important honesty (integrity) becomes, for company spirit is created top - bottom.



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