Leadership Defined by Peter Drucker

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28 Oct

The insights of the management guru - prof. Peter Drucker - although made in 1960s, are stunning even the most prominent XXI century businessmen with their depth and validity. I couldn’t restrain myself to share with you his views on leadership:

• Leadership is of utmost importance for company success. And nothing can replace leadership.
• Leadership cannot be taught and learned /some elements of leadership can be learned - see here and here/.
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• Company management cannot create leaders. It can only create conditions in which the employees could display leadership qualities and skills.
• Leadership requires talent. This gift is rare. In the world of management the best managers are in limited numbers, and the leaders among them are many times less.
• Leadership requires the existence of basic principles and concepts. They do not require genius, but only to be applied in daily practice. It is not enough just to talk about them! Few are the people who defend their principles day after day, year after year.
• For the management it is almost impossible to change the views of an employee and therefore the management cannot create leaders. The management, however, must create the correct practices to find and exploit the smallest potential for leadership among employees. The soil is best prepared for leadership through the management spirit, which:  daily applies high labor standards; respects the individual and his/her work; values integrity, responsibility and fairness.
• Leadership is not the magnetic personality that makes friends and influences others - this is a type of commercial spirit. Leadership is to enlarge peoples’ goals, to raise their standards, to build man's personality beyond its usual limits.

Unlike some organizations, who argue that everyone is a born leader, I believe that not every bird is an eagle. Everyone must discover his/her strengths and qualities and further develop them. A person that goes against his/her natural talents will reap disappointment. It is much more important to become Real Human than a mediocre leader.



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