Jack Welch with John Byrne

Book title:     Straight from the Gut
Reading time: 10-12 hours

Instead of commenting this book I will quote the former CEO of Sony Corporation - Nobuyu Idei: "Jack Welch - the brilliant magician in the world of business – reveals his management secrets at last.  We should accept the generosity of his challenge and attempt to compare with him, and even surpass him."

Jim Collins

Book title:     Good to Great
Reading time: 8-10 hours

Jim Collins and his team have examined 1435 worldfamous corporations in search of answers to the question: "What it takes to change a good company into a great one?"  The author reveals dozens of insights.  When given meaning these insights prevent us from taking the wrong business road.  This is one of the greatest books that every present or future leader should read.  I heartily recommend it!

Jim Collins & Jerry Porras

Book title:     Built to Last
Reading time: 7-12 hours

The book is the result of extensive business research of numerous Fortune 500 companies, in search of successful practices of the everlasting companies.  It answers the question why some companies are in the top of their industries for decades while others decline within 20-40 years.  The book is very useful for entrepreneurs, CEOs, presidents, top managers and all who aspire for senior positions or are interested in issues about the sustained corporations growth.

Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson

Book title:     The One Minute Manager
Reading time: 1-2 hours

One of the "must to read" books for every manager or candidate for manager.  The authors - Ph.D. Kenneth Blanchard and M.D. Spencer Johnson - revealed in an extremely exciting and pleasant style, the secrets of the One Minute Manager: goal setting, praises and reprimands.  They also provide detailed explanations why the three techniques return positive results both to the individual and to the organization.  The authors managed to combine all elements in one continuous process.

Kenneth H. Blanchard, W. Oncken & H. Burrows

Book title:     The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey
Reading time: 2.5-3 hours
The book deals with the organizational staff’s time management.  If you are among the managers who feels overwhelmed with the problems created by other people, reading this book and applying the lessons learned from it can change your life. By using the four rules of the Monkey Management, you will learn how to become more effective and efficient.

Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan

Book title:      Execution.The Discipline of Getting Things Done.
Reading time: 6-8 hours     

According to the former Vice President of General Electric, and chairman and CEO of AlliedSignal and Honeywell - Larry Bossidy - execution is the most important job of the manager.  The execution is the relationship between the present and the company's ambitious plans.  The execution is the instrument that connects the three most important business processes: people, strategy and operational plan.  Anyone aiming at an executive position must read this great book.

Lee Iacocca

Book title:     An Autobiography - The Manager
Reading time: 10-12 hours

The autobiography of Lee Iacocca - the man who managed two of the biggest
automotive companies: Ford and Chrysler, is a book from which much can be learned about management and dedication.  When you read the book, keep in mind that perhaps the critics of Iacocca, accusing him of lacking a coherent policy for growing and supporting future successors, are likely right.  After so many years, seeing in present days the fate of both Ford and Chrysler, it is easy for us to assume that the critics are probably right.  This does not diminish in any way the merits of Lee Iacocca or his book.

Nic Peeling

Book title:     Brilliant Manager
Reading time: 2.5-3.5 hours

Purpose of the book is to describe what the best managers know, do and say.  Nic Peeling managed in an extremely tight style, to present sets of key techniques in areas such as leadership, culture, how to manage people, how to manage the organization, how to manage the team.  The book is especially useful for active managers as the described techniques are very pragmatic and applicable in day to day work process.

Peter Drucker (1909-2005)

Book title: The Effective Manager
Reading time: 3.5-4.5 hours

To be reasonably effective person it is not enough to be intelligent, to work hard, to be knowledgeable, to possess special abilities.  How can one expect to manage effectively subordinates if s/he cannot lead himself effectively?  Effectiveness can and must be learned.  This book teaches us how to be effective.

Peter Drucker (1909-2005)

Book title:  The Effective Management
Reading time:  6-7 hours

The book is extremely useful for the people just entering the management jungle due to its practical orientation.  It examines the various economic problems managers in each company face.  Its aim is to suggest approaches and methods for detecting the right solution and its successful implementation.

Philip Kotler and John A. Caslione

Book title: Chaotics. The Business of Managing and Marketing in The Age of Turbulence.
Reading time: 5-7 hours

The book is appropriate for top managers and managers in strategic planning departments.  It describes the turbulence and the chaos factors, the common mistakes of the present days managers.  The authors - the marketing guru, Philip Kotler and John Caslione - suggest a number of general models for the management, HR department, finance and IT, production, supply chain management.  Finally, the book draws our attention to hints about achieving success in the age of turbulence.

Philip Kotler, Iwan Setiawan, and Hermawan Kartajaya

Book title:      Marketing 3.0
Reading time: 5-7 hours

Management is marketing and innovations.  Any manager who wants to be successful, must know the basic marketing principles.  Marketing 3.0 is a book about the modern marketing concept, reflecting the changes taking place in human society due to the rapid development of new technologies.  Readers, who are familiar with the traditional marketing concept principles /Marketing 2.0/ wll benefit most from the book Marketing 3.0.

Spencer Johnson

Book title:     Who Moved My Cheese
Reading time: 2-2.5 hours

A superb parable about possible approaches to continuous change and dynamics in business and life.  The main characters are: Haw - who learns to adapt in time when he sees that change is for the good;  Hem - who resists change because he fears the unknown;  Scurry - who is always ready to rush into action;  Sniff - who first scents the change.  I do not know anyone who did not admire this parable.