Vision statement - definition

The vision statement consists of two main ingredients.  The first one sets permanent organization qualities, values and beliefs that do not change for the next generations.  This component also describes the main company purpose for at least the next 70-100 years.  The key purpose is the main reason for the company existence (for instance, the purpose of Walt Disney: "To make people happy."). The second ingredient is definining the big bold goal for the next 10-25 years.  The success likelihood of such a big bold goal should be not more than 60-80%, but the company management and employees must believe that they can achieve it.  Very important moment for any quality vision statement is a description of a "live" concrete and inspiring painting of the achieved future results.  This drawing creates an image that employees carry in their mind.
Vision, unlike the mission is fully oriented towards company employees.
See also: Mission statement

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