7 Steps to Success of Maddy Sharma

Ms. Maddy Sharma – female entrepreneur with a very difficult life – achieved remarkable business success, shared her seven steps to success on 08.10.2014, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The astonishing spirit of Maddy Sharma

Prior describing Maddy’s first step of success I would like to retell what she shared with us about her very difficult life. At the age of 16, her father sent her in an Indian university. After three months she left because she did not like what she learnt. At the age of 19 her parents wanted to marry her (traditionally in India parents decide whom to marry their daughter). She refused and chose another husband. At the age of 26, severely beaten, knocked down and repeatedly kicked by her husband, Maddy Sharma left India together with her two infants and settled in the UK. There, with no education, no skills, no profession, and no money she subsisted her family. How? She produced 4 Indian breads ??and sold them on a nearby market. With the money she produced ??8 breads, and so on.. Within a year, Maddy started to sell her breads to small food stores in the neighborhoods, hired other people, who like herself had no skills and resources, and increased production to 10,000 breads per day. A few years later she had contracts with big stores and even airlines.  And soon after – Maddy Sharma bankrupted. She received a very valuable lesson – “what is good for the initial success is not good for the future success”.  She did not surrender and started all over again, learned to hire people more capable and smarter than herself and today Maddy is proud owner of Maddy Group and its affiliated twenty or so subsidiaries. This is Maddy Sharma and I was honored to meet her and get charged by her amazingly strong spirit. I wish more of that kind of people on this planet.

Seven steps to success Maddy Sharma:

   1. Fantasizing
   2. Feasibility
   3. Foundations
   4. Fit for purpose
   5. Failure
   6. Focus
   7. Face

Seven steps to success: (1) fantasizing

Take a blank sheet of paper and write down what you want to achieve – the most important goal in your life! Every morning and every evening read out loud what you want to achieve! Thus you program both: your consciousness and your subconsciousness to achieve the desired goal.

Seven steps to success: (2) feasibility

Is it possible to achieve the desired success? Suppose you are 40 years old, height – 180 cm, but you want to be 200 cm and play in the youth national volleyball team. This is an impossible task. Set a feasible goal – daring but achievable!

Seven steps to success: (3) foundations

Do you possess the knowledge and skills to achieve the defined success? If you don’t – find / hire associates who possess them!

Seven steps to success (4) fit for purpose

100% positive thoughts. It is very difficult not to allow the appearance of a negative thought. The process takes more than a year. Maddy Sharma claims that 100% positive thoughts is a very important element in achieving the desired success.

Seven steps to success (5) failure

If you have not failed – you cannot succeed. Failure is inevitable stop on the way to success. Professor Robert Hisrich, serial entrepreneur with 6 successful businesses without a single failure, disputes that.

Seven steps to success: (6) focus

We all have a sense of focus. For example, if you say, “I’ll take you to Paris by the end of the year.” Most likely no one will visualize all necessary actions: reservations, tickets, baggage, long flight, lost luggage at the airport … It is natural to visualize the ultimate goal – the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, etc. Set the focus on the goal, not upon all necessary actions to achieve it! Use our innate ability to visualize the final success!

Seven steps to success: (7) a person

You have to be the living vision of your goal (idea)! If you want to become a successful businessman / businesswoman – act like one, dress like one, talk like one! If you want to become a rock star – behave like one!

If you want to compare the Maddy’s steps of the success with those of Brian Tracy

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